Armed with the divine spirit of love,  Kathy Garbe takes us on a journey through life,  love and heaven in “Save the Children From Crying a River of Tears.”

We are all seeking love and in a simple,  easy to follow format that readers will relate to,  Kathy Garbe shares how we can all find that place of divine love and light,  which resides in each and every one of us.  Sometimes in the most unexpected places. 

 Teri Williams, Writer and Radio Host at and Empower Radio.


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Spirit Journey

Spirit comes to me to share in knowledge and truth, in the simplest form. To touch on thoughts we have in our everyday lives. The wisdom that unfolds when I write is wonderment in itself. Every month I will post more writings from Spirit… Please enjoy and remember that we can all learn how to communicate with spirit if we wish…


Years ago Spirit came to me and told me I would be writing. Not only writing but that I would reach out to those in need in a spiritual way. I still remember I sat there shaking my head saying me write, there is no way.

I can’t type, can’t spell and who would want to listen to what I have to say. Then I heard these words, you are but a channel we will give to you the words that need to be heard. Still in shock I knew that God had given me a gift not to be abused but to go forward in believing and with the knowledge that the words will come. Let me tell you the words have come and keep coming. I have notebooks piled up in stacks with words of wisdom from Spirit just sitting looking for a way to be expressed.

During a reading a few months ago Spirit had me grab a notebook and read a message from it to my client. His replay was Kathy you have to get that out to the WORLD!

Write, put it on the computer so others can share in their beautiful words. So here I am sharing with you! Every month I will write what Spirit has given to me, for you are the ears and the receivers of this beautiful gift… So please check in every month and catch up on what is happening with Spirit and and don’t forget to check out our Classes and Psychic Fairs..