Stop the Children From Crying


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While walking the Red Road and performing our Native sacred healing ceremonies I often encounter souls seeking their spiritual path. We are taught that there are many paths to the Creator, and you must choose with your heart. All loving paths led to the same mountain top. In her writings, Kathy, embodies this with her beautiful words and stories. She teaches that loving and respecting one another despite our differences is the first step on life’s sacred journey.

Rev. Barry White Crow /Spiritual Advisor for Sacred Grounds

Even those on a deep Spiritual path can find it difficult to guide their children toward God, here Kathy opens the door to giving children a better foundation to connecting to the love and light a God in simply and profound ways. A good read regardless of your particular religion, as she puts it “I believe in an all loving God, yours and mine, which are one and the same.”
Penny Golden – Publisher Body Mind “Fanning wisdom’s flame within the heart of the reader…. This book will shed light on the spirituality of generations past as well as the light that is being call forth for future generations.”

Jen Rossi – The MIND’s Eye Books & Wellness Center

As we approach Neptune’s Transit in Pisces, many of us are searching for something to believe in. We find ourselves grasping for faith in a time of uncertainty and economic strife. In the meantime, our children are watching. Kathy Garbe’s book, “Stop the Children from Crying” delivers a story of heartfelt wisdom, spiritual insight and thoughtful guidance for our children and adults alike. Thank you Kathy! You are right on time!

Astrologer Lynda Forbes, Author of “The Tarot of Recovery”